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1. Select a track that’s made for you

Select your next career path and start working towards landing the role of your dreams. Whether it’s in product management, strategy & ops, or marketing.

2. Choose the program that best fits you

Whether it’s our self-guided academy, community (group) mentorship, or 1:1 coaching, everything is actionable and implementable right away.

3. Start seeing results immediately

Our strategy leverages technology + methodology to deliver results faster than anyone or anything else on the market.

Receive ongoing support

4. Receive ongoing support and resources

Whether you’re just getting started, or in the last stages with a company, you’ll get weekly check-ins, and access to 100+ pages of resources.

5. Tap into to our extensive network

Leverage our internal network of industry professionals, as well as recruiters across top companies in the tech landscape including places like Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, etc.

6. Land your dream tech role!

Break into your next tech role and start creating the career you deserve.

Choose a track that best fits you

Product management


Learn tactics in application strategy, outreach, behavioral and technical interviewing, networking, and negotiating while enhancing your skills in product building, design, launch, and more!

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Strategy & Ops


Learn tactics in application strategy, outreach, behavioral and case interviewing, networking, and negotiating while enhancing your skills in identifying operational gaps and providing support.

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Learn tactics in application strategy, outreach, interviewing, networking, and negotiating while enhancing your skills around marketing analytics, organic and paid media, SEO, and more.

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Additional tracks to choose from

What's being offered in the market

  • Larger career development companies may offer an Income Share Agreement and charge anywhere between 9% - 18% of your new salary. (Example: You land a job earning you 100k and you pay someone $9,000-$18,000 as soon as you get a job even if you did all the heavy lifting...that's a lot of money for you to give up.
  • Getting hired takes on average 4-6 months...if not longer. In the end, most job seekers or career changers are left dissatisfied, disappointed, and once again directionless.

What we offer here at Alza

  • Our programs were created with accessibility in mind for all, so payment structures start at a fraction of the cost compared to the competition. Every Alza client keeps what they earn in their newly negotiated salary, we don’t take a cut!
  • Through Alza, it takes on average 6-8 weeks to land an offer in hand. In the end, job seekers or career changers are left encouraged, accomplished, and fulfilled.

Here’s how we can help

Self-Guided Academy

Self-guided library

Get started with a membership to our self-guided academy and get access to 100+ resources, step-by-step video trainings, tools, guides, and support. This is a great starting point for any professional.

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1:1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching

Fast track your career success with an individualized 60-day program. Get results faster than anything else on the market. Includes additional lifetime access to everything in the self-guided academy, and more!

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Join a community of professionals like you for a 12-week group coaching bootcamp guaranteed to get you to the next level of your tech career while building lasting relationships along the way!

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Hi, I’m Albano!

From recruiting to bootstrapping and exiting a startup, to career consulting, I’ve been lucky to do some pretty cool and random things in the last few years. One of them has been starting Alza with a goal to help one million underrepresented professionals advance in their tech careers.

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Albano Gega, Alza Ventures

Success stories

Success Stories

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Come join us and let’s start building your professional future, together.

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Most common questions

Career goals

Our 1:1 program is broken into a flat fee + success fee. Invest 50% upfront for the 60 days, and ONLY pay the other 50% if you land an offer by the end of our program. If you get an offer day 61, then you DO NOT have to pay!

Community and Self-Guided Academy are a small one-time, and or monthly investments respectively.

Well, after 20,000+ hours of coaching, we’ve pretty much got this down to a science.

The reason why our clients get results so quickly is because one of the core methods we utilize at Alza is RIT (Rapid Information Transference.) That means we condense the learning curve to share what to do faster, so you can start getting results faster.

These programs were designed with high-impact, value driven tactics and strategies to get you an offer faster than ever before. We offer complete program tailoring for each client, not a catch-all approach like some of our competitors.

It all depends on how much action you can take in your individualized approach. With that being said, on average our clients land an offer well before 60 days of working with us.

Ongoing support is available via email, text and videochat to answer any questions you may have, even after the program has concluded. We don’t believe that relationships should have an expiration date, so reach out to us whenever!

Every effort we take is targeted at landing you in your dream role. Following a proven framework combined with an individualized plan that fits you, success is only a matter of time. We also work with recruitment partners to help place you in the right opportunity when the program is almost completed.

YES! What you’ll learn here especially as it pertains to social dynamics and perception are rooted in evergreen psychological principles. We have successfully placed clients in the United States, UK, UAE, Turkey, Luxembourg, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Australia, and more.