Founded in 2021, Alza is a virtual career accelerator program focusing on helping underrepresented talent successfully transition and build careers within the tech industry.

We have had the privilege of working with clients across the US, as well as
international clients from Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, UAE, Turkey, Luxembourg, India, Singapore, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Australia.

We are on a mission to help one million underrepresented professionals advance their careers in tech by 2032.

With a love for education, teaching, and technology, we wanted to build a platform that can provide career development and accessibility to all— no matter their starting point.

As diversity in technology companies remains low, Alza provides innovative and disruptive training to close the skills and opportunity gap for diverse talent to land higher-paying roles in tech.

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Our core values


At Alza, we believe that accessibility to quality resources and education should be available to everyone, not just some. Our payment structures start at a fraction of the cost compared to the competition. Our successes have never been predicated on a fancy degree, price tags, or being born in a specific zip code. We want to work with those who want something more out of their careers, and who are ready to hustle to get it, period.


Another key element that drives success for is being able to respond to change quickly. We are a bootstrapped private company which means we have no investors or other shareholders, which means we don’t have to follow the same blueprint as our competitors. We answer to only our clients, and with that we can adapt quickly, cut corners, and work smarter not harder to deliver results faster than anyone or anything else on the market.


We have got to dream. Without ambition we could never have built not one, but two separate self-sustaining companies in the span of four years. We wouldn’t think to accomplish an audacious goal of helping 1 million underrepresented professionals break into tech by 2032. Ambition is what started Alza, and it is ambition that is going to lead us all the way. You are now reading this, you’re probably ambitious too, just like us here.

Our team

After close to 20,000 hours of coaching, we’ve got this pretty much down to a science.
Come join us and let’s start building your professional future, together.

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