Success stories

Offer in 8 weeks from Amazon with a 35% raise

Meet Andre, who successfully negotiated an extra 35% within 20 minutes after receiving an offer.

“Albano’s use of psychological principles when approaching someone at every level of the process was eye-opening and extremely effective! Every week was better than the last, and it was nice to finally have someone cut through the BS, and provide actionable value.”

Offer in 6.5 weeks to software product manager with a 26% pay increase

Meet Marica, who went from being furloughed as hardware product manager to landing a new software product role within 45 days of joining the program!

“I worked with other coaches, but they were not able to help me translate my hardware skills to capable software skills. Within 2 weeks of working with Albano, I had a resume and LinkedIn which reflected my accomplishments and told my story. In a month I was making it to final round interviews and landed a software PM role with a company who shared my values by the end of the second month.”

Offer in 8 weeks with a 214% raise

Meet Antonio, who successfully gained a 214% pay bump in his new role.

“Albano’s helped reshape my perspective. One of the biggest things was instead of thinking how can I make this opportunity work for me? Instead of how can I work for this opportunity? Albano is a true master at his craft and with his help, I have now an offer I never would have been able to land without his help!”

Offer in 12 weeks in a new industry

Meet Matthew, who went from academia to the partner track at McKinsey in less than 3 months.

“There’s no question in my mind, that the guidance Albano gave me around positioning myself online, in a way that stood out to those professionals that were relevant in my career pursuit was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was on another level.”

Offer in 9 weeks with a 54% raise

Meet Elia, went from being unable to successfully close interviews, to getting an offer from Airbnb!

“Albano truly has a deep understanding of the job search process. In the end I was able to secure an offer with a salary that was 54% more than my previous salary!”

Offer in 4 weeks from Amazon ($1M compensation package)

Meet Adam, who successfully left the banking industry for tech. He went from zero offers to getting an offer from one the biggest companies in the world…after 4 hours of 1:1 coaching.

“It doesn’t even seem real to me, now that I’m here, and I just couldn’t have done it without Albano. It’s as simple as that. The man is the real deal.”